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Surge Protection

We can offer surge protection to limit your exposure to damage and downtime from electrical surges. Products are available for power surge diversion in din-rail or enclosed options, power surge filtering, data/signal/control protection and telecoms protection. Most products carry third party testing and certification from internationally recognised laboratories such as UL and VDE.

Lightning Protection

Direct strike lightning can cause both mechanical and electrical damage to any exposed building or industrial plant as well as induced surges from lightning causing further electrical damage. nVent Erico System 2000 conventional lightning protection or System 3000 Dynasphere lightning protection can help mitigate the risk by safely transmitting a direct strike to the earthing system.


Grounding and Bonding/Earthing

The most important part of an electrical system, a low resistance earthing system is required to ensure that any surge protection or lightning protection system has an effective path to earth.

Flexible Braids
and Insulators

An economical and efficient means of protecting electrical equipment from the potentially harmful effects of:

  • Shock and vibration
  • Terminal or connection area expansion due to temperature changes
  • Movement of components
  • Misalignment that may occur during the service life of electrical equipment and machinery
  • Seasonal movement of outdoor equipment (common in substations)

Cost effective low voltage insulators are available that have:

  • Great stability of electrical and mechanical parameters
  • High resistance to leakage current
  • UL® Recognized in E125470 and evaluated for dielectric withstand rating of 1,500 VAC/DC
  • No Halogen
  • RoHS-compliance

Festoon/Catenary Systems

Festoon systems carry flat and round cables for the transfer of electrical energy and data. Hoses are also carried for the directing of fluids, air or gases.

Conductor Bar Systems

Our Conductor Bar Systems are the practical, proven and economical way to deliver electricity to overhead cranes, hoists, monorails and other types of moving equipment. Whether you need to power for a simple top running applications, a curved monorail, or a special application, our versatile range of Conductor Bar Systems are the solution.


Energy/Drag Chains

Energy or Drag Chains are used to secure supply of energy and data to mobile equipment. They are suitable for many applications:

  • Various types of motion and travel including linear and circular.
  • Guidance of sensitive bus and data cables, as well as fibre optic cables, and hoses.
  • Long lasting operation under high dynamic loads in heavy-duty environments.
  • Suitability for hostile environments.

Cable Reels & Sliprings

Cable reels are used for the reeling of cables on various types of moving equipment. These include hoisting and other material handling devices; e.g. portal cranes, grabs, magnets, lift and working platforms, machinery, mobile cranes, transfer cars or cleaning systems. Cable reels are available in either spring or motor operated versions.

Sliprings transmit electric power and electrical signals from stationary to rotating units in machines like revolving cranes, rotating purifiers in water treatment facilities, carrousels, manipulators, wrapping machines, radar and antenna dishes, theatre stages, wind turbines and cable reels.


Specialty Flexible Cables

We offer specialty cables for moving applications including flat and round festoon cables in PVC or rubber, heavy duty reeling cables and energy chain cables.

Radio Control

Industrial safety radio controls allow remote operation of permanent or mobile machines such as overhead travelling cranes, tower cranes and concrete pumping trucks improving both efficiency and operator safety.

Radio Control


Rubber and Cellular buffers are available to limit travel and absorb energy of moving machines. Reducing the potential to wear or damage between fixed structure and moving machines or between moving machines.

Cable Marking Systems

Cable marking can be offered using a manual system, self-printing systems or In-House where markers are printed from your list. Marking services are available on a range of quality products to suit electrical components from cables, terminal blocks and contactors through to panels and switchboards.

Cable Marking

UPS Systems

An Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS acts as a buffer against power disruptions and provides battery backup in the event of a power failure or outage. This is important for all applications whether a home office, business, industrial or critical application such as on mine sites, medical, defence and marine. Additionally, fluctuations in voltage can damage equipment and cause disruption to work.

Traditional lead-acid battery based UPS can be offered as well as Lithium-Iron Phosphate UPS which are non-flammable, lighter weight, faster recharge, higher performance and higher power density offering a higher return on investment.

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction (PFC) is used to address poor power factor and electrical harmonics, optimising power usage and as a result reducing power costs. We can offer conventional capacitor based power factor correction as well as hybrid systems combining Active Harmonic Filtration (AHF) or Static VAR Generation (SVG) with conventional capacitor or thyristor capacitor banks resulting in step-less real time compensation.

Conveyor Monitoring

Conveyor Monitoring

We offer robust conveyor monitoring systems for mining or any application where conveyors are used, Pull Rope Emergency Switches, Belt Misalignment Switches, Speed Monitoring and Belt Wear/Belt Rip Switches are all available.

Cable Glands & Cleats

A large range of glands are available including specialty round or rectangular glands for flat cable, industrial glands, glands for screened cable and double sealing glands for SWA cable. Also available are cable cleats for securing cables in all formations Single, Trefoil and Quad.



FRAS Fire Resistant Anti Static hose is used for cable protection in mining as well as light duty air and water delivery to a maximum of 5 bar (75psi). Our standard hose has NSW dept. of mineral resources approval.

Process & Factory Automation

We can offer a range of products for process and factory automation including industrial sensors (inductive, photoelectric, capacitive, magnetic etc.) as well as rotary encoders and positioning/identification systems.


Safety Relays & E-Stops

Safety relays protect both machinery and employees, preventing potential expensive maintenance and equipment replacement. We offer a range of single function or multi-function relays suitable for any application.

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